Behavioral Health and Addiction Prevention Services

Behavioral Health, Addiction Prevention, and Substance Abuse Treatment

As our patients recover from their hospital stay, we do our best to help find and solve the problems that led them to homelessness and to a hospital stay, so that they can break the cycle of homelessness. Behavioral health and addiction prevention are two incredibly important elements of breaking that cycle, so we’re proud to include them as a standard part of our services.

Behavioral health and addiction counseling in a transitional housing facility.

Behavioral health services at a recuperative care center can be considered a type of mental health care. Behavioral health is a term used in mental health care that broadly describes a range of services that target the connection between a person’s behaviors and the health of their mind and body. The difference between mental health and behavioral health is right in the name; behavioral health deals with conditions and disorders that result from a person’s behaviors. Some examples of these kinds of behaviors might be:

  • Gambling
  • Eating disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Substance abuse

These conditions can be immensely difficult to treat without external help, and require long-term care to treat effectively. Contact Horizon Recuperative Care to learn more about how we support our patients.