Comprehensive Homeless Case Management

Comprehensive Homeless Case Management

Is Homeless Case Management Offered to all Patients at Horizon?

Homeless Case Management is a key service that Horizon Recuperative Care offers to all of our patients as part of our standard treatment process for recuperation and rehabilitation. Recuperative care (also known as medical respite) provides the homeless with the comprehensive health care that they need following inpatient care at an acute care facility.  

Horizon creates a tailored treatment plan for each patient as no two individuals’ situations are the same.  Every plan is formulated by a team of medical experts with one objective in mind: to provide every individual with the post-acute care that they need to regain their very best quality of life. 

What is a Case Management Plan for a Homeless Individual?

Each patient will have their own personal case management plan that has been created by one of our experienced case managers.  All of the case managers at Horizon Recuperative Care, Los Angeles, have extensive experience in a wide range of situations and are fully equipped to assist all of our displaced patients.  A case management plan includes a variety of services including assistance with paperwork, transportation, and housing referrals to help each individual break the cycle of homelessness.

A case manager at a Los Angeles transitional facility.