Mental Health Assessments and Referrals

Mental Health Assessments and Referrals

Mental health care is an all-too-often forgotten element of health care. No matter how healthy a person’s body is, mental health conditions can still be devastating to their overall well-being. Undiagnosed and untreated mental health conditions are one of the leading contributing factors to homelessness in America, so it’s a key step in the journey to helping our patients break the cycle of homelessness.

Mental health care is a fundamental step in breaking the cycle of homelessness, yet one that is all too often overlooked.   Horizon recognizes the importance of monitoring our homeless patients’ mental health care and treating each individual on a case-by-case basis.  Between Horizon Recuperative Care’s two facilities in Los Angeles and Lynwood, California, our teams of specialized nurses and social case managers are dedicated to making mental health care a priority.

A patient and staff engaging in mental health care in a transitional facility.


Why are mental health assessments and referrals such an important part of recuperative care for the homeless?

Recuperative care (also referred to as medical respite) provides the homeless with the comprehensive health care that they need following a stay at an acute care facility as an inpatient.  Recuperative care facilities, such as Horizon, offer valuable transitional health care to patients as an integral step in their journey towards recovery and a better life.

Mental health is a significant component of the homeless’ recuperative care and is essential in helping individuals regain their independence.  Sadly, mental health care is often overlooked in homeless patients who are discharged too soon and without having their mental health addressed or even evaluated at all.  This can result in a recurrence of acute care facility visits, returning to homelessness, and hindering the individual’s ability to achieve maximum health and their potential to achieve a better life after recovery.

How Does Horizon Support the Homelessness Mental Health?

Horizon Recuperative Care, California provides homeless case management on a tailored basis for each patient.  Our staff includes a team of experienced, compassionate specialized nurses and social case managers to help patients secure mental health care. This team is well-trained to provide patients with assessments that can determine what kind of mental health condition they may have, and to what degree. Mental health assessments are included in every patient’s treatment plan and referrals and treatments are coordinated by a team of skilled nurses and caseworkers.  During their time at Horizon, homeless patients will be assessed and treated both psychologically and physically by medical professionals with the ultimate goal of providing every homeless individual with the best comprehensive medical care that they need to achieve the full quality of life