Public Benefits Management

Managing Benefits in Transitional Care

Managing public benefits such as SSI, state identification cards, food stamps, and housing vouchers can be a confusing experience even under normal circumstances. Patients undergoing recuperative care as part of post-hospitalization treatment may require assistance with their public benefits, so our staff is well-trained to help patients with every step of the process. The staff at our Los Angeles recuperative care facility will be happy to provide aid with:

What are Public Benefits for the Homeless?

Public Benefits for someone experiencing homelessness include SSI, food stamps, housing vouchers, state identification cards, and other support programs.

How Does Horizon Recuperative Care Help with Public Benefits Management?

Horizon Recuperative Care is a Recuperative care facility (sometimes referred to as medical respite) that provides comprehensive health care for homeless patients that have just been discharged from an acute care facility who still require further care/treatment.  Our commitment to our patients does not end with their treatment, the staff at Horizon provide numerous services, such as public benefits management, to better prepare individuals for a successful life once they leave our care.  This includes acquiring and understanding the public benefits to which they are entitled that will help them in their journey to independence. 

Managing personal and state documents can be confusing at the best of times, regardless of circumstances.  For patients who are receiving treatment and care following a stay at an acute care facility, help may be needed to get their public benefits.

What Public Benefits Management Can We Help With?

The trained staff at Horizon Recuperative Care can assist with:

  • Acquiring appropriate identification documents
  • Gathering necessary documentation to apply for public benefits
  • Managing disbursement of benefits
  • Communicating with benefits offices


A close up image of social security cards