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How to Find the Right Respite Care Provider for Seniors

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Respite care offers a short-term break to primary caregivers so that they can run important errands or attend to other professional or personal commitments. It also allows you to rewind and rejuvenate so that you can be ready again to offer the best care services to your loved one.

You can hire an individual respite care provider for a couple of hours or take your elderly parent or grandparent to a respite care center for a few days or weeks, depending upon your needs. In any case, respite care services will ensure that your loved one gets all the care and assistance needed to manage their specific health conditions and perform their day-to-day activities as usual. The only thing you need to make sure is that you choose the right type of respite care services. Respite care services are also offered to the unhoused population in areas such as Los Angeles County, where the housing crisis has exacerbated the need to get roofs over people’s heads. Many times California respite care services, such as those found at Horizon Centers in Lynwood, California, offer to help unhoused citizens find medical help and provide transitional housing services by working together with the county.

As there are many different forms of senior respite care services available these days, choosing one for your loved one can be a bit confusing. To start, you should stick to the below points and make an informed decision as per your needs.

Focus on Your Requirements

Determining what level of care services you need will help you to sort your options and find the right respite care provider to meet those. You should also see if the respite care facility provides in-home care so that your loved one does not have to adjust to the new setting. If your senior is okay with that, you only need to ensure that the respite care provides all the care and support services they need.

Ask around for Help

Respite care facilities offer specialized care and attention to your loved one’s specific requirements so that they remain comfortable throughout their stay. However, if you do not have any specific care service requirements, then you can also ask your friends or relatives to fill in as your replacement for some time. This can be a good choice for overnight care or if you need to attend an event.

Combine Your Choices

It is not necessary that you must choose a single type of respite care always. For instance, you can choose an in-home respite care provider for overnight care services while you can go with adult daycare centers if you think that your elderly parent or grandparent will feel bored at home when you are away. Likewise, you can also choose different forms of senior respite care based on your loved one’s health conditions and other relevant factors.

If you know someone who is unhoused and seeking respite care services or recuperative care services in Los Angeles and Orange County, please refer to our Patient Referral Form. You can also call Horizon Care Center at 1(323) 676-1000, or send us a message at our referral email, admissions@horizoncenters.org, with any further questions about our referral process.


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